Congregational Reporting for REC-NEMA and ACNA

by admin on January 26th, 2017


The month for congregational reporting begins in February.  The following is from the Treasurer of our Diocese:

Two surveys are conducted each calendar year in order to obtain important data from each NEMA parish – the ACNA’s Congregational Reporting and NEMA’s State of the Diocese Survey. Beginning in 2016, the schedule for the latter was made coincident with the former, which currently is in effect through March 1, 2017. The objective of this schedule change is to minimize duplication of effort required at parishes for gathering and reporting statistical data. This new schedule also provides time for more effective analysis and meaningful reporting of the data you submit for NEMA’s State of the Diocese.

Several (but not all) data requested through each of these surveys is identical. Information generated using data supplied through these surveys is important because:

  • It is used to ensure the proportional representation of your parish and our diocese in the councils of the Church;
  • It helps our diocese move beyond anecdotal information in order to evaluate larger trends within our Church;
  • It is an opportunity to update vital contact information for you and your congregation.

These downloadable items are instructions and forms for REC-NEMA reporting:

– The Greetings and Instructions sheet is HERE   (PDF format)

– The fill-able, self-calculating spreadsheet for data input is HERE  (MS Excel)
(note- download this offline to fill out, do NOT fill it out online!)

– And the alternative printable form of the report for mailing in is HERE 

Instructions for the gathering and input of data for ACNA reporting should be circulated by email early in February.  The primary website for posting information is  Instructions from the Diocesan Treasurer are HERE.


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