REC-BFM Advent 2017 Mission Offering

by admin on October 27th, 2017

Dear Friend of REC Missions,

As we look to the 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther’s 95 theses next Tuesday, we can support those working for the re-evangelisation of Germany in the coming Advent period. Presiding Bishop Ray Sutton’s letter below presents opportunities we have right now to help the ministry in Germany, and to contribute both hurricane relief and tools to build the Reformed Episcopal Church in Cuba. Please share the attached brochure and letter with your congregation, and help us equip the Church for growth. Please pray for the special Reformation service this Sunday at Christ Church, Berlin, the church plant highlighted in the brochure, and for all special services held this week as part of the historical commemoration.

At the same time, I want to thank the parishes and individuals who contributed over $21,000 to the 2017 Lenten Mission Offering. These gifts enabled renovation of the Good Shepherd parish, Mihael Starin Seminary campus, and the completion of a Reformation Heritage Museum. The dedication service will be tomorrow, Saturday, October 28. I am in Croatia to attend, with the Rev John Boonzaaijer (Chapel of the Cross) and his son Nathaniel (who with others from St Timothy’s Academy joined a short term mission to help with the project). Please pray that many visiting this museum will discover the Bible and our Creator God. Over 120 parishes were opened in the area of Croatia at the beginning of the Reformation, and we pray that the Lord will again multiply congregations here. See photos Bishop Milić has posted HERE.

Please follow news of REC mission partners on Twitter, Facebook and our website. You can link them to your parish website and newsletter.

Thank you,
Canon Bill Jerdan
Twitter: @RECBFM

Presiding Bishop Ray Sutton’s letter is HERE.

Brochure for Advent 2017 Mission Offering is HERE.

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