– Diocesan Council 2014

NE&MA Diocesan Council 2014

TurfValley3was held Thursday and Friday, November 6&7, 2014, at Turf Valley Country Club in Ellicott City, MD, as it was in 2011.  St. Stephen’s RE Church was again the host church and the site of the opening service.

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FORMS for 2014-15:

– The Committee on Credentials approved form for submitting Delegate Credentials in 2014 (deadline Friday, October 17th): NEMACREDENTIALS14 (PDF format) 

SPECIAL NOTE: At the last Council, only 12 parishes (two in Missions status) submitted their Credentials forms on time – less than half.  PLEASE HELP US AVOID THIS EMBARRASSMENT AGAIN BY GETTING YOUR CERTIFICATION FORMS IN ON TIME.

– The Treasurer’s approved forms for submitting Diocesan Tithe payments for November 2014 through October 2015: PARISHTITHEFORMS14-15 (scanned to PDF format) 

– The Instructions for 2014 State of the Diocese Surveys (deadline Friday, October 24th!) are HERE, and the forms are HERE IN XLS FORMAT and HERE IN PDF FORMAT (see instructions; PLEASE DO NOT FILL OUT ONLINE!)



ALL-REPORTS.PDF   (V1-10/30)  see below for individual reports…

Minutes of 133rd NEMA Diocesan Council 2013



Directions to Turf Valley and St. Stephen’s 

Diocesan Council Schedule for 2014 (updated 9/30)

Diocesan Council Order of Business

REC Rules of Order

Credentials Committee Report   (updated 10/23)

Program Committee Report   (10/29)

MP3:  Greetings from Bishop Hicks and Rev. Mclynn  (11/12)

MP3:  Opening Service Sermon – Rev. Eric Jorgensen  (11/12)


Reports from Officers and Elective Boards and Committees:

MP3:  Presiding Bishop Grote’s Greetings  (11/12)

MP3:  Retired Bishop Riches’ Greetings  (11/12)

MP3:  Retired Bishop Cox’es Greetings  (11/12)

Bishop Hicks Report  (10/24)

MP3:  Bishop Hicks’ Remarks on Report and Youth – Rev. Jonathan Kell  (11/12)

MP3:  Bishop Hicks’ Exhortation: “Reach Out and Mind Our Business”  (11/12)

Bishop Gillins Report  (updated 10/30)

MP3:  Bishop Gillin’s Remarks  (11/12)

Bishop Riches Report  (10/20)

Standing Committee Report  (10/22)

Board of Trustees Secretary’s Report   (10/16)

MP3:  Secretary Greg Miller on Christian Army  (11/12)

Board of Trustees Treasurer’s Report and Budget for 2014-15  (10/27)

…..Treasurer’s Powerpoint  (11/6)

MP3:  Treasurer Gordon Tiner’s Remarks and Questions  (11/12)

R.E. Seminary Dean’s Report  (10/27)

R.E. Seminary Financials – P&L Statement Jan-Oct 2014  (10/24)

…..R.E. Seminary 2015 Budget (distributed on blue paper at Council)

MP3:  Dean Riches and Billie Jenkins on RES  (11/12)

MP3:  Shawn Riley and William Jenkins Sr on RES  (11/12)

Election of Officers and Standing Committees:

Nominations Committee Report   (10/29)


Reports of Non-Elective Boards and Committees:

Committee on Constitution & Canons Report   (10/22)

Board of Examining Chaplains Report  (10/24)

Committee on Memorials Report  (11/12)

Committee on Christian Education Report  (10/27)

Committee on Young People’s Work Report  (10/20)

…..COYPW Census Request  (10/20)

Committee on Evangelism, Church Growth and Development Report  (10/14)

MP3:  Cedric Benner, Greg Miller, Herb Bailey and Christian Army  (11/12)

Committee on the State of the Diocese Report  (10/29)

…..State of the Diocese Statistics  (10/29)

Secretary & Treasurer of the Looney-Hoffman Fund Report  (10/22)

Committee on Bassinger Home Fund Report  (10/29)

Committee on Public Relations Report   (10/30)

Official Auditor Report (will be posted when completed)

Special Committees Appointed by the President:

Committee on Spiritual Growth and Nurture Report  (10/24)

Committee on History of the Diocese Report  (10/24)

Committee on Ministry to Men Report  (10/20)

Committee on Foreign Missions Report  (10/27)

MP3:  Canon Jerdan’s Remarks on R.E./ACNA Missions  (11/12)

MP3:  Diana Lopez on ARDF  (11/12)

Committee on Short-Term Missions Report  (10/27)

MP3:  Shawn Riley on Summer Urban Outreach in Philly  (11/12)

Committee on Women’s Ministries Report

Committee on Ministry Wives Report   (10/29)

Bishop’s Youth Advisory Group Report (mentioned in Bishop Hicks’ report)

MP3:  Ending Remarks, Doxology, Bishop Riches’ Benediction  (11/12)

Bishop’s Appointments to Committees for 2014-2015 (Non-Elective):

Bishops Non-Elective Committees Appointments List 2014-2015  (11/10)


Rev. Dr. Rod Whitacre’s Friday Workshop Presentation:

“Here Before Thy Divine Majesty: Liturgy as Formation and Encounter”

Text formatted with Footnotes (PDF) 

Audio format editted with Q&A (MP3)


And finally:

A four-year-old’s version of the Lord’s Prayer:

“…and forgive us our trashbaskets,

as we forgive those who put trash in baskets against us…”