– Diocesan Council 2012

Diocesan Council 2012

The 132nd Diocesan Council of the NorthEast and MidAtlantic of the Reformed Episcopal Church met at Grace R.E. Church and the Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel in Scranton, PA, on Thursday and Friday, November 1st and 2nd, 2012.

Please note the Council Schedule was changed from last year. The opening Communion service on Thursday was moved from BEFORE to AFTER lunch at the church, with the business session immediately afterward.  A banquet dinner on Thursday evening at the hotel was followed by a workshop on outreach to youth.  Friday morning after prayer a workshop on policies and procedures preceded the morning business session, all at the hotel.

The Radisson hotel is a historic structure, having once been the main train station in Scranton and the headquarters of the old Lackawanna Railroad.  Our Thursday night dinner was hosted in one of the three ballrooms, while the other two were used for our meetings and a series of booths that showcased our Seminary, selected books from our Episcopal Recorder publishing arm, our missionary works, and our Diocesan insurance agents.  Breakfast and lunch on Friday were hosted in the grand lobby of the hotel.  Many delegates enjoyed their stay in the well-appointed rooms, some having come from homes without power due to Hurricane Sandy.

Our online registration site  at RegOnline.com handled delegate, guest and observer registrations and meals.  Council Registration this year included Thursday lunch and dinner for all clergy and delegates; Friday breakfast and lunch were optional.  Note that Thursday morning breakfast was NOT included – Council this year began with lunch at the church.

The Council followed the pattern previously established by the REC by devoting the majority of attention and time to educate, edify and encourage the church. Business matters were confined to Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.


The Committee on Credentials approved form for submitting delegate credentials in 2012 (deadline Thursday, Oct. 25th):

The State of the Diocese Survey for 2011 (deadline Monday, Oct. 15th):

ALLREPORTS: AllReports.PDF (all reports before Council, as of 10/31)

Council Schedule & Order of Business:

Diocesan Council Schedule (CHANGED FROM 2011!)
Diocesan Council Order of Business

Bishop’s & Elective Boards Reports:

Bishop Hicks’ Report
Bishop Hicks’ Exhortation to Council (posted 11/7)
Bishop Gillin’s Report
Bishop Gillin’s Sermon on Thursday (posted 11/7)
Bishop Riches’ Report (posted 10/30)

– Standing Committee Report (distributed on paper during Council)
Trustees Secretary’s Report
Treasurer’s Report: Assets&FundBalances11-12
Treasurer’s Report: IncomeVsExpense11-12
Treasurer’s Report: Budget13
Treasurer’s Report: InvestmentAccounts11-12
Treasurer’s Report: Parish Tithes 2011 (posted 11/12)
RE Seminary – Dean’s Report
RE Seminary – Treasurer’s Report – BalSheet 11-12
RE Seminary – Treasurer’s Report – IncVsExp+Budg 11-13

Nominations Report (updated 11/19 V3)

Non-Elective Committees Reports to Council:

Constitution and Canons Report-V2 (modified 10/29)
Examining Chaplains Report
Memorials Report
Christian Education Report
Young Peoples Work Report
Evangelism, Church Growth & Development Report
State Of Diocese – CoverPage
State Of Diocese – Data Report (updated 10/31)
Looney-Hoffman Fund Report
Bassinger Home Fund Report
Public Relations Report

Spiritual Growth and Nurture Report
Minister’s Salaries Report
History of the Diocese Report
Mens Ministries Report
Foreign Missions Report (posted 10/29)
Short Term Missions Report
– Women’s Ministry Report

Bishop’s Appointments to Non-Elective Committees for 2012-2013 (posted 11/5)

Archdeacon Abboud’s Powerpoint on Policies and Procedures in the REC (PDF, 4.6MB posted 11/7)

Suggestions on Computer & Internet Policies for RE Churches (coming)

From the Nominations Committee:

Nominations to the Standing Committee, Diocesan Board of Trustees, and Board of Directors for the Seminary are vitally important to the life of our diocese. These committees are essential to the health and work of our diocese.

Please carefully and prayerfully consider nominating people from your parish. While it is true that we do not have a large turn over each year, we need names of godly men and women to fill slots each year. If we get more names than openings, we will keep the names for future reference.

You may email your nominations to me or to any member of the committee.  Thank you for your cooperation.

The Rev. Gerald S. McLynn
Chairman, Nominations Committee
gmclynn (at) verizon.net

Diocesan Insurance

Two representatives of the Diocesan insurance company, Philadelphia Insurance, were present at council Friday morning.  A table was set up in the Council area with information, and questions about parish insurance were answered.  For reference, the company website is www.PHLY.com.