– Diocesan Council 2011

The 131st Diocesan Council of the NorthEast and MidAtlantic of the Reformed Episcopal Church was hosted by St Stephen’s R.E. Church, Eldersburg MD, meeting on Thursday and Friday, November 3 and 4, 2011.

Thursday morning breakfast, the worship service, and buffet lunch was at the church.  Thursday afternoon and Friday morning business sessions met at the Turf Valley Conference Center in Ellicott City, MD. Delegates also shared a catered dinner together at Turf Valley.

Reports to Council:

All Reports PDF (3.5MB)

Diocesan Council Schedule 2011
Diocesan Council Order of Business 2011

Bishop’s Report 2011
Diocesan Trustees Secretary’s Report 2011
Diocesan Trustees Treasurer’s Report 2011
R.E.Seminary Provost’s Report 2011
R.E.Seminary Treasurer’s Report 2011
R.E.Seminary Auditor’s Report 2011

Nominations Committee Report 2011

Constitution and Canons Committee Report 2011
Board of Examining Chaplains Report 2011
Christian Education Committee Report 2011
Young People’s Work Committee Report 2011
Evangelism and Church Growth Committee Report 2011
State of the Diocese Committee Report 2011
Looney Hoffman Trustees Report 2011
Bassinger Home Fund Committee Report 2011
Public Relations Committee Report 2011
Spiritual Growth and Nurture Committee Report 2011
Ministers Salaries Committee Report 2011
History of the Diocese Committee Report 2011
Men’s Ministry Committee Report 2011
Board of Foreign Missions Report 2011
Short Term Missions Committee Report 2011

Non-Elective Standing Committees 2011-2012

The Council will follow the pattern previously established by the REC by devoting the majority of attention and time to educate, edify and encourage the church. Business matters will be confined to Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.

The 132nd Diocesan Council is scheduled to be held at Grace R.E. Church in Scranton, PA in November 2012.  Emmanuel RE Church of Pipersville, PA has been approved to host the Council in 2013.  Details will be firmed up later in the summer.