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ACNA World Missions Sunday February 19

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The Anglican Church in North America and Anglican Global Mission Partners (AGMP) have teamed up to provide you with helpful resources to make World Missions Day spiritually challenging, prayerfully engaging, and practically motivating. Please visit the  New Wineskins Missionary Network site at newwineskins.org to see a special video “God’s Passion for the World” that we prepared just for this occasion, along with a promotional trailer that you can use. There are resources from Getty Music, and a study guide for download. You can highlight those mission projects and partners that your congregation supports, and take up a special offering on their behalf.

Other resources offered online include a Prayer Litany for Mission, special excerpts from the Kenyan Eucharistic Liturgy, and other links to videos that will help educate your parish on “the task remaining” to reach the ends of the earth with the gospel message! Contact info@newwineskins.org if you need further assistance.

The original invitation from Archbishop Beach can be read here.

Jan 30 17

Anglicans March for Life

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Bishop Hicks and a large contingent from our Diocese joined the March For Life on Friday, January 27.  Despite poor media attention, tens of thousands of Anglicans and other participants marched from the Washington Monument up Constitution Avenue to the Supreme Court building.  The rally was addressed by the Vice President, the Senior Counselor to the President, and a former Director of Planned Parenthood, among others.


A large group of faculty, staff and students from RE Seminary attended the Summit for Life on Thursday and marched with the Anglicans for Life on Friday.  A copy of the Anglicans For Life brochure is HERE.



This is a time-lapse video of the march passing by.

Jan 26 17

Congregational Reporting for REC-NEMA and ACNA

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The month for congregational reporting begins in February.  The following is from the Treasurer of our Diocese:

Two surveys are conducted each calendar year in order to obtain important data from each NEMA parish – the ACNA’s Congregational Reporting and NEMA’s State of the Diocese Survey. Beginning in 2016, the schedule for the latter was made coincident with the former, which currently is in effect through March 1, 2017. The objective of this schedule change is to minimize duplication of effort required at parishes for gathering and reporting statistical data. This new schedule also provides time for more effective analysis and meaningful reporting of the data you submit for NEMA’s State of the Diocese.

Several (but not all) data requested through each of these surveys is identical. Information generated using data supplied through these surveys is important because:

  • It is used to ensure the proportional representation of your parish and our diocese in the councils of the Church;
  • It helps our diocese move beyond anecdotal information in order to evaluate larger trends within our Church;
  • It is an opportunity to update vital contact information for you and your congregation.

These downloadable items are instructions and forms for REC-NEMA reporting:

– The Greetings and Instructions sheet is HERE   (PDF format)

– The fill-able, self-calculating spreadsheet for data input is HERE  (MS Excel)
(note- download this offline to fill out, do NOT fill it out online!)

– And the alternative printable form of the report for mailing in is HERE 

Instructions for the gathering and input of data for ACNA reporting should be circulated by email early in February.  The primary website for posting information is ACNA.org.  Instructions from the Diocesan Treasurer are HERE.


Jan 19 17

REC Ministry to Youth Seminar

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From the REC Committee for Christian Education

Dear Clergymen, Wardens, and Youth Leaders:

We are just one month away from the “Ministry to Youth” mini-conference of the Reformed Episcopal Committee for Christian Education. We hope you are coming with one of your wardens, or sending someone in their stead.

Registration: NO fee, but DO register with The Chapel of the Cross office please! —we’re preparing fine food for you! See the attached flyer for contact and registration details.

Cost: No Fee

Time: Friday, 3:00 pm through Saturday 2:00 pm, February 10-11

Accommodation: Some parish homes available; please ask. Otherwise, the La Quinta Inn is two blocks from The Chapel.

Can a church keep its youth? YES! “Jerusalem is built as a city that is at unity in itself” (Psalm 122:3). In this Holy Eternal City our children are (re)born in Holy Baptism, and in this City remain all the best delights of the good life, and in this City each parish participates as an outpost of heaven’s life. We know you need tools as well as inspiration! read more…

Jan 17 17

ACNA College of Bishops Report January 2017

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The winter meeting of the ACNA College of Bishops was last week.  A number of ACNABishopsJan2017items were discussed and decided that impact the province and our sub-jurisdiction, the Reformed Episcopal Church.  The provincial gathering, Assembly 2017, will take place in Wheaton, IL from Wednesday to Friday, June 28-30.  That is two weeks after the REC General Council, from June 14-16 in Dallas TX.  Other topics the bishops discussed included liturgical revisions for a new BCP 2019 (comments and suggestions are being solicited from the public this year), the final report of the Holy Orders Task Force (which includes the women’s ordination issue), revisions to the ACNA Catechism, the Young Anglicans Project and outreach to youth, and church planting resources.  The full text of the report is HERE.

Jan 10 17

First REC-NEMA Youth Newsletter

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The first Bishop’s Youth Advisory Group / Committee on Young People’s Work newsletter is available for reading or download now HERE.

Jan 10 17

Presiding Bishop Sutton Epiphany Letter to RE Church

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bpsutton2Bishop Ray Sutton acceded to the position of Presiding Bishop of the R.E. Church upon the death of Bishop Roy Grote at the end of November.  This is his first letter to the church, in which he discusses transition plans and preparations for General Council 2017 in June.  Registration details will be available shortly.  Read or download his letter HERE.

Dec 25 16

Christmas Message from Archbishop Beach

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Merry Christmas!  On behalf of the bishops, the clergy, and the wonderful lay people of the Anglican Church in North America, “Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year” to you.

ABpBeachWhat a year we’ve just had!  All around the world, not just here in North America, we have seen tremendous events.  Events that have changed people’s lives, changed countries, changed the world.  Not just with elections, and new leaders, but with horrific events where innocent lives have been taken, Christians have been martyred just because they are followers of Jesus, and innocent people have been hurt.  But God is not surprised by all of this.  God is the author of human history, God entered human history, and God is over human history.

This was true in the first century as well.  When the Roman empire began to dominate the known world, God orchestrated human history so that His purposes would be fulfilled.  The birth of His son Jesus, which we celebrate at Christmas, He orchestrated it at just the right time, to just the right person, to just the right family, to just the right tribe, in just the right city. And for just the right purpose, Jesus was born.

To read the rest, and see the video, CLICK HERE…

Dec 23 16

Bishop Hicks’ Advent-Christmas Letter 2016

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Bishop Hicks RobedAs the calendar year of 2016 draws to a close, we are mindful of the comfort that comes to us from the annual return of Advent and Christmas. Presently in our world, there is a great deal of uncertainty and anxiety about the future. We must remember that whatever changes and uncertainties we may face, whether as a nation or in our personal lives, there is security in knowing that our Lord Jesus has indeed come in the flesh to accomplish our salvation, and we have the sure and certain hope that he will come again. As Saint Paul wrote to the Thessalonians, we are to “comfort one another with these words.”

I also want to inform you about the manner in which we are dealing with the financial challenges that we face as a Diocese. The executive committee of the Trustees of the Diocese met for a two and a half day strategic planning session on November 17-19. This was a very fruitful time, and we outlined a comprehensive approach to addressing the ministry goals of the Diocese in light of our resources. Attached to this letter (below), is a statement from the executive committee in regard to the committee’s work. More information will be forthcoming from the Trustees in the future, and a detailed report will be presented to the Diocesean Council in 2017.

May the grace of God fill your hearts with the joy and peace that comes from believing in our Lord Jesus Christ, and have a very merry Christmas.

Yours in Christ,

The Rt. Rev. David L. Hicks


Executive Committee Planning Meeting November 2016

On November 17-19 the Executive Committee appointed by Bishop David Hicks met with an expert facilitator to discuss the health and growth of the Diocese. Every aspect of the Diocese was critically evaluated, priorities were defined, and strategies outlined. The Committee was especially mindful of the financial challenges facing the Diocese. More will be communicated in the future about your essential participation to fulfill the strategies that will result in a healthy and growing Diocese.

The following statement was developed, as a forward-looking vision statement, to guide our discussions about the goals of the Diocese:

NEMA is a family of faithful Anglicans that serves as a source of support for learning and growing Christians through the fellowship of laity and clergy in which every member contributes toward reaching the common goals of the Diocese through responsible Christian stewardship and service; that engages our communities in the declaration of the Gospel and that has a ministry of theological education through its self-sustaining, fully-accredited Seminary.


A PDF of these letters suitable for bulletin boards is HERE.

Dec 19 16

In Memoriam: Very Rev. Walter L. Hawkins

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dsc_5179-whawkinsOn Wednesday, December 14th, the Very Rev. Walter Hawkins went to be with the Lord, after a long and valiant struggle with cancer. Walter was past rector of Church of the Atonement in Philadelphia, Dean of the Convocation of Pennsylvania and Associate Professor of Homiletics and Pastoral Ministry at Reformed Episcopal Seminary. Please keep Shelia and the rest of the Hawkins family in your prayers.

The memorial service for Rev. Hawkins will be held on Saturday, January 21st at 10 am, at Church of the Atonement, 6100 Greene St., Philadelphia, PA 19144.