Sep 19 17

Diocesan Council 2017

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Diocesan Council 2017 registration is now open.  Registration will be open until Sunday evening October 22nd – one and a half weeks before Council.  Reports should be fully online as well as emailed in PDF format to all registered delegates and clergy one week before Council.

Diocesan Council opens with Holy Communion at Covenant Chapel RE Church in Basking Ridge NJ on Thursday, November 2nd.  The rest of the meetings will be held at Fellowship Deaconry, a retreat center 9 miles south in Bernards NJ.

Delegates and Clergy – please read the information on the Council webpage carefully before accessing the online registration system.  In particular, decide ahead of time whether you wish to stay at Fellowship Deaconry or seek offsite hotel accommodations.  This will help you answer the first question on the registration form, Registrant Type.

Diocesan Council webpage (including links to online reports and registration) IS HERE.

Sep 15 17

Bishop Hicks Discusses Holy Orders at RES September 18

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Bishop Hicks will present a Community Convocation on the Holy Orders Task Force and the ACNA College of Bishops’ Statement.  A Q&A session will follow.

The Convocation, which is open to congregants and friends of the RE Diocese of Northeast & Mid-Atlantic, will take place at R.E. Seminary on Monday, September 18th beginning at 12:45 pm.  Or bring your lunch and join the students at Noon.

For Mapquest directions CLICK HERE.


An audio recording of the session is available online HERE.

Sep 15 17

ACNA College of Bishops Statement on Holy Orders

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The College of Bishops of the ACNA, of which the REC is a Founding Member, met last week to consider the Report on Holy Orders that was presented this spring by the committee chaired by our own Bishop Hicks.  After a week-long deliberations, a unanimous statement was prepared to communicate the sense of their agreement.

To read Archbishop Beach’s introduction and the Bishop’s Statement, CLICK HERE.


Sep 15 17

ACNA Relief Effort for Hurricane Irma

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Not again

Just two weeks after Hurricane Harvey flooded southern Texas, Irma is hammering Florida. Southern Floridians are no strangers to storms. However, according to experts at the National Hurricane (as quoted in the Washington Post), Irma could very well be a “once in a generation storm.” Churches cancelled Sunday worship services and the estimates are that five million people are without power.

Preparations underway

Anglican Relief and Development Fund is partnering with several Anglican Dioceses to help get relief to people affected by Hurricane Irma: the Diocese of the Gulf Atlantic, based in Jacksonville, FL, The Anglican Diocese of the South, based in Atlanta, GA, and the Diocese of the Carolinas, based in Pleasant, SC. States of emergency have already been declared in Florida and Georgia.

How to help

You can donate funds even now to support Irma relief.



Sep 15 17

Saint Mark’s 75th Anniversary October 1st

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Saint Mark’s R.E. Church in Rydal, PA invites friends, family, and past parishioners to a 75th Anniversary Service and Banquet on Sunday, October 1st.  Please sign up on the church website HERE.



Sep 15 17

REC Houston Hurricane Relief

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in the REC:

As the waters have receded in most of Houston, I’ve been able to obtain a fuller report from our churches. I’ve learned more about some of our clergy whom I mentioned in my first update. We were aware that one of the assisting clergy (a deacon) and his family were flooded out and lost both of their cars. Also, one of our priest’s working with an Latino outreach had his apartment flooded. We have been apprised in greater detail just how damaging the effects of the hurricane was to these two families in particular.

The deacon and his family were hit particularly hard. They have flood insurance but this does not pay for full recovery. Their home will probably have to be completely leveled and rebuilt. They also have many immediate needs as the insurance is worked out. Although they are able temporarily to live with a relative, they have to find another place for their own family dwelling as soon as possible.

The Venezuelan minister mainly lost possessions, since he lived in an apartment. He too will have to find another place for his family. These needs can be addressed in a reasonable amount of time, but they are all unexpected financial needs for which there are no personal resources.

These families need our help as soon as possible. We want to be able to respond quickly to the immediate needs of clergy like the ones I’ve mentioned in our own RE diocese. Therefore the important update for you to know about in addition to greater detail of need, is a diocesan fund that also has been set up, the REC Diocesan Relief Fund. The link to give is now attached to my original, updated communication on this web site (LINK HERE). If you would like to make special gifts to families with more emergent needs like the ones to which I’ve referred, please consider giving to the diocesan fund. Based on IRS regulations, you cannot designate your donation to specific individuals. However, you can offer a name and request that we consider that need. Be assured, we will use these donations to meet the greatest needs of our members and our parishes. Thank you for your response of prayer and any giving to those affected by the hurricane in our RE Diocese of Mid America.

Blessings in Christ,
++Ray Sutton
Presiding Bishop

ALSO Be in prayer for our sister churches in Cuba after Hurricane Irma…

Sep 15 17

Women’s Spiritual Enrichment Conference 2017

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As we begin our 2017-2018 Devotional Studies entitled Women of Influence and Faith, we are blessed and excited to have Linda Frost Clark of Dallas, TX, as presenter for our 2017 Spiritual Enrichment Conference. Linda will be dramatizing the lives of several women of the Bible that we will be studying in our devotional, while arrayed in period costume. We encourage you to visit Linda’s website to see some of her work.

This year’s conference will be held Friday, October 13th through Sunday, October 15th at the DoubleTree by Hilton Williamsburg, 50 Kingsmill Road, Williamsburg, VA 23185.

Follow this link for a conference schedule, conference registration information, hotel reservation information, and a flyer (copy as needed) to post and share. Should you have questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In His service,
Gale G. Hill, Chairperson
Committee on Women’s Ministry

Jun 20 17

REC General Council 2017 Report

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General Council 2017 was held in Dallas, TX from June 14-16.  Clergy and lay delegates from the dioceses of Northeast, Southeast, Central States and Mid-America filled a ballroom at the Embassy Suites DFW-N along with representatives from the Free Church of England, REC Germany, REC Croatia, and REC Cuba.  After his election Wednesday afternoon, the Archbishop of the ACNA, Foley Beach, assisted in the installation of our new Presiding Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Ray Sutton.

(click to enlarge)

A moving video montage tribute to Bishop Grote was presented Wednesday evening, and a resolution of appreciation was presented to his family.  Before he passed he started the planning process on a new church planting initiative called REC 100 – planting 100 new RE churches in the next 10 years.  Three teaching sessions to delegates explained the new initiative and focused efforts on what Bishop Sutton called “front-porch evangelism”.

A new hymnal has been in the works for the last decade, started with the original intent of revising and updating the Book of Common Praise hymnal.  About 400 of the best of the older hymns have been kept, and they have been complemented by addition of such previously-missing greats as “Amazing Grace”, “And Can It Be” and many others, including some contemporary selections that fit with the Anglican worship style.  The formatting of the hymns has been greatly improved, and the indexing improvements help select tunes appropriate to Anglican services built around the liturgical calendar.  The first printing of the new hymnal is being offered direct to REC churches at a discounted rate.

Council heard a number of reports on REC mission works, including progress in Germany, Croatia, Cuba, the Philippines, Indonesia, Nepal, and a new work in Hungary.  Our own Bishop Gillin is now president of the Board of Foreign Missions.  The Corbins are back and recovering in Victoria while Matt looks for a job, and the Board is praying for the recruitment of several new missionaries.

Reports to General Council are available online HERE…

Bishop Sutton’s presentation on REC100 in PDF format HERE…

The next General Council is planned for 2020 in Charleston, South Carolina.

AnglicanTV live-streamed most of the business and teaching sessions at the hotel.  Below are links to the Facebook video feeds for various parts:

The Opening Prayer Service Wednesday Afternoon:

More sessions, and the REC100/”Veritas” teaching sessions are below the break line here… read more…

Jun 9 17

ACNA will consecrate GAFCON missionary bishop to Europe at General Assembly

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Dear Fellow Servants of the Lord:

Grace to you in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!

I am writing to you as a clergyperson of the Anglican Church in North America because I want you to be aware of events which are about to take place and of which the ACNA will be involved.

For several years now, clergy and congregations in Scotland and England have been asking us, Gafcon, and others to provide oversight as their situations have become intolerable due to the unbiblical compromises in theology and morality.  The faithful in Scotland began by reaching out to the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, but got no response.  They then reached out to English bishops whom they thought might be willing to offer support.  They received sympathetic responses, but no promise of material assistance.  They then approached the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop of York again, and were rebuffed. Finally, they reached out to Gafcon for support.

The Gafcon primates and provinces have been seeking to find a solution for this since these requests began coming in.  At the last Gafcon Primates meeting in Lagos this past April, the Gafcon Primates decided to consecrate Canon Andy Lines from the United Kingdom as a missionary bishop to Europe – providing Episcopal oversight to clergy and congregations in Scotland and those outside the Church of England.  They also asked our Province if we would take on this responsibility.

After discussing this with the bishops and the Executive Committee, and after looking at our canonical requirements, we have prayerfully decided to consecrate the missionary bishop on behalf of Gafcon on Friday, June 30th in Wheaton, Il.  This will be a time when the Gafcon Primates can participate in the service as most will be here in the U.S. for our Assembly (as well as other archbishops and bishops from around the world).

Although we are the consecrating Province, this is a Gafcon initiative and their presence will demonstrate that this is a global event.  For those of us who were provided oversight and care by overseas Provinces in our time of need, it seems only right to now “give as we have been given to” and to “bless others as we have been blessed.”

I wanted you to know this ahead of time so that you can be praying, and so that you can celebrate this international event even as you labor in your own ministry and mission.  He has given us an incredible mission field here in North America as the field is ripe for the harvest!  Forward. Always forward. Everywhere forward!

Your brother in Christ,

The Most Rev. Dr. Foley Beach
Archbishop and Primate of the Anglican Church in North America

GAFCON/ACNA Press Release is HERE…

Jun 5 17

R.E. Seminary 2017 Commencement

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Reformed Episcopal Seminary presented the 127th Commencement last Saturday, June 3rd, at St. Paul’s R.E. Church in Oreland, PA.  Pictured above are the six graduates:

  • Justin Hadley, M.Div. cum laude with concentration in Pastoral Theology
  • Peter Joslyn, M.Div summa cum laude
  • Cassandra Hill, M.Div. with concentration in Historical Theology
  • Marion Wegner, Diploma
  • Willie Graves Sr., M. Div.
  • Jeremy Carter, M.Div magma cum laude with concentration in Historical Theology

Also pictured in the second row between Dean Riches and President Hicks is Rev. Dr. Julius Barnes, Dean of Cummins Theological Seminary in South Carolina and member of the RES Board of Directors.  Rev. Dr. Barnes gave the commencement address to the 2017 graduates.

A number of special awards were presented to graduating and continuing students, and the Class of 2017 presented the Seminary with a set of outdoor picnic tables for future students to enjoy between classes.  The Friends of RE Seminary hosted a reception afterwards for graduates, students, family and friends.