– Diocesan Council 2015

StPaulsREChDiocesan Council 2015 was held at St. Paul’s R.E. Church in Oreland, PA, November 5-6, 2015.  All business meetings were held at the church; the Thursday Banquet was held at the Williamson Banquet Center in Horsham.  Most delegates stayed at the Hampton Inn Willow Grove.


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FORMS for 2015-16:

– The Committee on Credentials approved form for submitting Lay Delegate Credentials in 2015 (deadline Friday, October 16th): NEMACREDENTIALS15 (PDF format) 

– The Treasurer approved Parish Tithe Calculation Form for 2015-16: TITHECALC15 (PDF)
NEW – “Fillable PDF” Tithe Calc Form for 2016  HERE
(instructions: SAVE to LOCAL device, fill out and RESAVE, then print or email)

– The State of the Diocese Statistics Survey Forms:
…..Survey Instructions  (9/21)
…..MSExcel Format Survey Form (preferred – enter data & email back)
…..PDF Format Survey Form (print, enter data, scan&email or snail-mail return)
Please note the Committee requests parishes use the Excel format, because it makes data transfer and compilation much easier.  Submission deadline is Friday, October 23rd.


HamptonWG15The Diocese has arranged a special group rate of $99 per night at the Hampton Inn Willow Grove, located just off the Pennsylvania Turnpike I-276 on Rt. 611.  Our Group Code is “ERE”, which you can use for online booking (with the hotel link above) or refer to “Emmanuel Reformed Episcopal” when making a reservation by phone at 1-800-HAMPTON.  The “release date” or deadline for getting the $99 rate is October 10, 2015.  No meetings will be held at the Hampton – all meetings will be at St. Paul’s, while the Thursday evening banquet will be at Williamson’s Restaurant, less than a mile north of the Hampton on Rt. 611.



CLICK HERE (disabled) to transfer to the RegOnline registration website for Diocesan Council.  This is the same site we have used in the past years, so you may already have an account.  You can click “forgot password” to have the system send a link to reset your account.  Registration fee covers Council overhead costs and Thursday lunch and dinner expenses.  Your registration receipt email contains links to print a receipt, get directions, or change your registration details.  Call the Diocesan Office at 610-292-9852 for help using the online registration system.  REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25TH!!!


To Rectors and Diocesan Members, From the Nominations Committee:

Nominations to the Diocesan Standing Committee, Board of Trustees, and Board of Directors for the Seminary are vitally important to the life of our Diocese. These committees are essential to the health and work of our Diocese.

Please carefully and prayerfully consider nominating godly men and women from your parish. While it is true that we do not have a large turn over each year, we need names of qualified people to fill slots each year. If we get more names than openings, we will keep the names for future reference.

You may email your nominations to me or to any member of the committee.  Nominations for Fall 2015 are requested by Friday, October 16th.  Thank you for your cooperation.

The Rev. Gerald S. McLynn
Chairman, Nominations Committee
gmclynn (at) verizon.net


Directions to and from the Hampton, St. Paul’s, and the Williamson Restaurant:

CLICK HERE for a Google Maps interactive map with sites and directions

CLICK HERE for a PDF with sites, GPS addresses and directions



ALL-REPORTS.PDF  (Version B mod 11/4)  see below for individual reports…

Minutes of 134rd NEMA Diocesan Council 2014  (11/2)

(note: MP3 is recorded audio, quality varies as mike moves or picks up extra…)


Diocesan Council Schedule for 2015  (9/18) 

Diocesan Council Order of Business  (from 2014)

REC Rules of Order  (from 2014)

MP3:  Greetings during Worship (11/11)

MP3:  Rev. Currie’s Sermon  (11/11)


MP3:  St. Alban’s Childrens Choir Offertory  (11/11)

MP3:  Gloria in Excelsis and Benediction  (11/11)

Credentials Committee Report  (10/22)

Program Committee Report  (10/19)

MP3:  Credentials, Program Reports & Greetings  (11/11)

MP3:  Greetings & Comments from Bishop Murdoch of AD-NE  (11/11)

Reports from Officers and Elective Boards and Committees:

Bishop Hicks Report  (10/20)

MP3:  Bishop Hicks’ Comments and Exhortation  (11/11)

Bishop Gillins Report  (10/19)

Bishop Riches Report  (10/21)

MP3:  Bishop Hicks Thanks Bishop Riches  (11/11)

MP3:  Presiding Bishop Grote’s Greetings  (11/11)

Standing Committee Report  (10/14)

Board of Trustees Secretary’s Report  (10/22)

Board of Trustees Treasurer’s Report and Budget for 2015-16  (10/27)

…..Parish Tithe Policy V1  (11/4)

…..Treasurer’s Powerpoint Presentation  (11/16)

MP3:  Treasurer Ron Riches Presentation and Q&A  (11/11)

R.E. Seminary Dean’s Report  (10/23)

R.E. Seminary Financials  (10/22)

MP3:  Dean Jonathan Riches Presentation  (11/11)

Election of Officers and Standing Committees:

Nominations Committee Report  (10/22) 

MP3:  Nominations Report and Election  (11/11)

Reports of Non-Elective Boards and Committees:

Committee on Constitution & Canons Report 

Board of Examining Chaplains Report  (10/22)

Committee on Memorials Report  (10/19)

Committee on Christian Education Report  (10/19)

Committee on Young People’s Work Report  (10/19)

Committee on Evangelism, Church Growth and Development Report  (10/22)

Committee on the State of the Diocese Report  (10/27)

Secretary & Treasurer of the Looney-Hoffman Fund Report  (10/13)

Committee on Bassinger Home Fund Report  (10/19)

Committee on Public Relations Report  (10/25) 

Official Auditor Report  (11/4)

MP3:  Committee Reports  (11/11)

Special Committees Appointed by the President:

Committee on Spiritual Growth and Nurture Report  (10/19)

….Retreat Brochure 2016 (11/2)

Committee on History of the Diocese Report  (10/22)

Committee on Ministry to Men Report  (10/19)

Committee on Minister’s Salaries (no report this year)

Committee on Foreign Missions Report  (no report – see BFM website)

MP3:  BFM Rev. Jerdan + Additional Presentations  (11/11)


Committee on Short-Term Missions Report  (10/19) 

Committee on Women’s Ministries Report  (10/21)

Committee on Ministry Wives Report  (10/19)

Bishop’s Youth Advisory Group Report (mentioned in Bishop Hicks’ report)


Bishop’s Appointments to Committees for 2015-2016 (Non-Elective):

Bishops Non-Elective Committees Appointments List 2015-2016  (11/3)


Presentation from Dr. Steven Tighe Anglican Youth Project:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

What is ENGAGE?  HERE’S their website

Some ENGAGE Resources are HERE

and finally, Bishop Gillin dismisses us with prayer:


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Prayer Book Society: IMG_9695
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