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Diocese of the  
Northeast & Mid-Atlantic

A Faithful Anglican Witness

Thank you for visiting the website of the Diocese of the Northeast and Mid- Atlantic, the first diocese of The Reformed Episcopal Church. The Reformed Episcopal Church is a founding jurisdiction of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA). Please visit one of our churches or contact our diocesan office to learn more about how you might find a home in one of our parishes!

Established in 1873, the Reformed Episcopal Church has been a faithful Anglican witness for nearly 150 years. Our core values include
remaining faithful to the Word of God, proclaiming the unchanging gospel of Jesus Christ, and worshipping using the biblical and time-honored Book of Common Prayer. A founding member of the Anglican Church of North America, we have a passion to reach others with the transforming love of God, as manifest in the saving work of Jesus Christ.

We have parishes in MarylandMassachusettsNew Jersey

New York and Pennsylvania, as well as Canada


Founded by the Reformed Episcopal Church in 1887, the Reformed Episcopal Seminary educates and trains Christians for lay and ordained ministries in the church of Jesus Christ. We are distinguished by our strong commitment to the inerrancy of God's Word, adherence to reformed theology and evangelical beliefs, worship and polity in the Anglican tradition, and an emphasis on pastoral ministry training.


The Reformed Episcopal Church's Board of Foreign Missions has promoted mission endeavors for more than 120 years. The Board's goal is to equip indigenous peoples to reach their culture for Christ. The Board is in alliance with ministries serving Germany, Cuba, Croatia, Serbia, Brazil, and Venezuela.

Find out more by visiting the

Board of Foreign Missions and Board of Foreign Missions Cycle of Prayer websites, and by reading this Pastoral Letter on Missions.


Anglicans believe that education is a fundamental way of fulfilling the baptismal promises made by parents and godparents, participating directly in the foundational mission of the church. As such, Anglican schools are ecclesial entities where faith, learning, culture, and life are brought into harmony – acting as ministries of pastoral care.


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Find a School in our Diocese.


It is our conviction that mission should be at the center of everything we are and do in the Reformed Episcopal Church. Every Reformed Episcopalian should be a missionary. Each parish should be a mission station, seeking to proclaim and show the love of God manifest in Jesus Christ. All committees at the parish, diocesan and national levels should factor mission into their mission and vision.

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Interested in planting a new parish in this diocese? Contact us.

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