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2022 Clergy Retreat Feb. 3-5

Clergy need a vacation, just like the rest of us. This is a special retreat just for our clergy, where they can rest and refresh themselves, meet and fellowship and worship and learn from each other. Encourage your clergy to consider attending, and encourage your church to help sponsor them to attend. The focus this year is on historical Christian couples, with different attending couples researching and presenting a short biography of couples from the past that struggled with life and ministry.

Arrival is Thursday afternoon, at Best Western Eden Resort in Lancaster PA. The package is all-inclusive, with lodging and meals, for $375 per couple or $295 for a single. There are Friday arrival options as well. The retreat concludes with lunch on Saturday, so they have all afternoon to get home.

The brochure/registration form is downloadable in PDF format HERE.

Pray that our clergy would be refreshed and revitalized in their ministries.

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