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2023 Grace Scranton Fall Conference

Our updated Conference Schedule is out! We hope you will join us for our best conference yet! We have an amazing line up of speakers to explore some profound topics relating to education and medieval literature.

In keeping with our medieval theme, we will be having a pig roast for lunch on Saturday.

Speakers and Session titles:

Friday Night:

Plenary 1: Mr. Andy Giessman - Concerning Dragons: Reimagining the Hero Ethic of the Middle Ages

Plenary 2: Rev. Matthew Maule - The Discarded Image: The Medieval Mind of CS Lewis

Saturday Morning:

Plenary 3: Mr. Andy Giessman - Fortune, Fate, or Faith: A Philosopher's Education through Suffering

Plenary 4: Dr. Joshua Arp - Benedict for Necessary Virtue: Puzzle and Promise

Plenary 5: Mr. Brandon Munson - Thomas Aquinas and the Christian Intellectual Tradition

Lunch - Medieveal pig roast & St. Boniface beverages!

Saturday Afternoon Workshops:

Mr. Micah Lovell - Caeli enarrant gloriam Dei: An Interplanetary adventure with Lewis and Dante

Dr. Larry Kauffman - The Wisdom of God in Music: Recovering the Richness and Tracing the Legacy of Medieval Music in the Modern World

Plenary 6: Dcn. Jared Lovell - When the Great Heathen Army Arrives: Athelney, Ethandun, and Education in King Alfred's England

Plenary 7: Dr. Michael Lynch - Aequivocationibus Ludere non est Theologorum: Reformation Theology and Medieval Scholasticism

You can register for the conference here:


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